Alpha & Delta AD01 (Black) + upgrade cable

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  • Alpha & Delta AD01 (Black) + upgrade cable
  • Alpha & Delta AD01 (Black) + upgrade cable
  • Alpha & Delta AD01 (Black) + upgrade cable
  • Alpha & Delta AD01 (Black) + upgrade cable
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NOTE: This listing allows you to purchase the AD01 set with the upgrade cable only. This means means that the original black cable will not be part of this set. 

Alpha & Delta AD01 is the result of a collaboration between Lend Me UR ears and a Chinese manufacturer. In English, the noun "alpha" is used as a synonym for "beginning", or "first" while the greek symbol for Delta is used to denote change. Thus, the name Alpha & Delta was coined to represent a new chapter in LMUE's history and the wish that this brand will chart a new direction for the company. 

Dual Driver Design for Excellent Sound Quality

In designing this IEM, we aimed to create a pair of earphones that has a strong punch bass while maintaining the overall clarity in the mids and the highs. To this end, a dual driver design is used for such purposes. 

Modular Design

AD01 also adopts a modular design. This means that that drivers and the wires can be easily replaceable if damaged or lost. The drivers and wires will be made available for sale separately.

Well designed connection pins    

For AD01 to use a modular design, the wires needs to be detachable. However, several existing solutions for the connector pins can lead to loose connection overtime. To this end, AD01 overcomes such build quality issues by adopting the 2mm dc plug connector pins which are extensively tested for reliability. 


  • 1 pair of foam tips
  • 3 pairs of biflange tips
  • 6 pairs of silicon tips of various sizes
  • 1 hard case 
  • 1 pair of ear guides 
  • 1 set of upgrade cable


  • Driver unit: 9.8mm and 6.0mm Dual Dynamic Driver
  • Rated Impedance: 9 Ohm 
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB/mW 
  • Frequency response: 10Hz- 25KHz 
  • Rated power: 10 mW 
  • Maximum input power: 30 mW 
  • Plug: 3.5mm dual-channel plug 
  • Cable: 1.30 mm 18N OFC cable


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1 Review

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    Quality not Quantity

    Posted by Xtremea on 20th Feb 2016

    Lend me your ears. Are you kidding me? Nigga go buy yours.
    Build: the ear-pod is full metal jacket with detachable premium cable. When I said premium I mean premium because most monster prize IEM out there, their cables are not really premium as they said because there’s this thing I called “zero-sound-syndrome”. It happens when you pause your music and you start hearing electrostatic sound hissing or white-noise even sometimes you can hear friction sound or interference when the cable moves. That stuff is annoying cos am not a ghost-buster. I personally prefer and would recommend the upgrade cable because it makes the sound even tighter and more brilliant. Like a radio, it will tune the sound to the best frequency there is out there. I love the build of the IEM so much and it’s the only one that exist with such solid built and prize.
    Sound: way too balance to be true. If you talking about sound in general, then this is the best balanced sound IEM there is. All the sound profiles bass, treble, clarity, etc. Just name it. They are all balanced. So if you want anything above normal then this is not for you. Compared to Shure 800 series, it’s not sensitive as Shure and that’s for sure. And compare to other IEMs out there, this one is lovely because they remembered us (BASS lovers). It makes instrumentals come to live in such a way that you can feel their taste so sweet that you get so carried away and even forget your surroundings. Its cinematic effects are jaw-dropping. Best for high-res movies. It has one strange thing though; I don’t know if it’s me or something. It’s the first IEM I listened to and was able to know when audio files are filtered or original even in movies you can hear or notice the sound is not from the video clip. It’s like you can feel the sound merging together that it’s not one long length recorded sound. I recommend this for video editors.
    One amazing thing about this IEM is that it’s the most balance sound IEM that ever exist. And it’s very cheap. If you think am wrong, please feel free to try it for yourself and compare with other monster prize IEMs. This IEM is simply about best quality in every aspect and not quantity.
    And not forgetting, the customer services are awesome cos they treat you like a King. So what more do you want?

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