FLC8N/ FLC8D Silver Upgrade cable

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    The 8N's really detailed. Now it's even more!

    Posted by Ambient Lights on 7th Apr 2019

    - Improved imaging over 7N stock single crystal copper cable. I'm not really a cable believer (tips change the sound much more, by the way use small comply TX400/comfort TS400 if you notice sharp pronounced sounds/sibilance from any IEM!), but I consider the 8S silver upgrade cable to be the exception due to the single crystal silver used. This follows in line with that, and since the 8N have a much wider soundstage than the 8S (not much improvement to depth), the upgrade cable helps make that more seamless as well.

    - Cable is somewhere between 1 to 1.15 metres long (shorter than the stock copper cable of the 8D/8N). If you're not super tall (over 2.1 m height), they should be fine. The shorter length is due to the expensive 99.99% purity crystal silver used which is mega expensive per meter. Apparently, even the stock 7N single crystal copper cable is 20x more expensive than the oxygen-free copper used in pretty much every other IEM, including Sony's 2k USD flagship (to smoothen the treble? I'd rather they just tune with silver wire treble capability in mind), so you can imagine how even more expensive this silver cable is (there's a ~3300USD difference between Kimber cable's flagship pure copper and silver cables, to give you an idea).

    - People who says that there's no difference in sound between cables are somewhat true, in a way. You often have to pay attention to hear the differences, and there's so many other variables that can just make cables irrelevant (e.g. fit/insertion depth from your ears can determine whether the IEM will sound good or bad alone) so if price is a pressing factor, just don't bother with upgrade cables. Your money will be better spent buying tips that make an IEM more comfortable/have a better seal/make noticeable improvement to the sounds instead. For me, I've tried the 8S stock copper and silver upgrade cable for over a year each, so I'm pretty familiar with the benefits of FLC's silver upgrade cables. But most people won't bother or notice a difference due to the various variables mentioned above, so take that as you will. Despite the pretty absurd price of upgrade cables in general, I am happy with my purchase. FLC's customer service is amazing in my experience - you can expect them to stand by their product, and with how genuinely unique and cost-effective their products are, they deserve way more recognition. I've found FLC to be one of the few companies that actually pursues audio fidelity over profit, and that, alongside their incredible sounding IEMs for their prices, is highly admirable.

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