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Havi B3 Pro I

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Product Description

The Havi B3 Pro I is a dual dynamic microdriver IEM which performs at a level much higher than its price level. It offers a combination of impressive clarity, excellent detail, accurate imaging, realistic instrument timbre, and incredible soundstage akin to that of the best full sized headphones. All of these traits combine to deliver a very unique listening experience when paired with all genres of music, and enhanced even further when matched with an ideal source and a powerful amplifier. The Havi B3 Pro is technically good enough for use in recording studios, and yet also musical enough for the average listener to fully appreciate during casual listening.

Credit: Goh Yang Xuan, our customer, who had generously volunteered to write his experience to benefit the rest. 


  • HAVI patent Blance Dual dual-driver parallel output structures
  • Four parallel output techology


  • Driver: Dual Dynamic Drivers 
  • Rated Impedance: 32 OHM
  • Sensitivity: 115 db
  • Frequency range: 10-20 kHz

 Accessories :

  • 3 pairs of silicon eartips 
  • 3 pairs of biflange tips
  • 3 pairs of white silicon eartips
  • 1X pouch
  • 1X hard case
  • 1X Cleaning cloth 
  • 1 pair of foam tips
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Warranty Information

One year warranty from manufacturer via seller

Product Reviews

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  1. For the neutral/flat freshmen

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jan 2017

    Paired with a Fiio E17K at +12db gain, this is a good entry level IEM for those who want "no extra bass, no extra treble" earphones. Unfortunately only 4 out of 5 stars as it has good sound, but lousy materials/duralibity. Would rather prefer it comes with mouldable ear guides as the included ones are finicky.
    Isolation too leaves a little more wanting, since it has open ports. A little more resolution at the bottom end would be perfect. Nothing to comment on the trebles and mids, they are perfect.

    Best used in a quiet room, and with the E17K there is no such thing as "too little bass" when listening to bass heavy music. Just add chilli sauce (bass/treble boost) as and when needed.

  2. Quality Control Issues

    Posted by Howard McClain on 22nd Jan 2017

    I bought my first pair in October. The one earpiece broke while I was taking them out of my ears. Refunded. Bought a second pair. The same side earpiece came apart while I was changing tips. The sound of these is quite good. The build quality is absolutely terrible. Absolutely will not buy anything made by Havi. Also, when I tried to get the first pair replaced under warranty, Lendmeurears expected me to pay to ship the broken pair back to them. Since I bought them on Amazon, I called them. They refunded my money after I shipped the defective pair to Amazon free of charge. Shouldn't have to pay return shipping on a defective product that is still under warranty.

  3. Fantastic product great sound

    Posted by jt on 15th Aug 2015

    The Havi B3 pro 1 are a fantastic sounding earphone, very detailed, open and plenty of well controlled bass, vocals are very good and instrument placement is amazing. Before purchasing i was a little put off with most reviews saying the bass was lacking but with the right tips this is not the case. Other ear + headphones i own are Vsonic vsd5, Shure se112, Klipsch s4 and Focal spirit one, the Havi's sound way better than the Shure or Klipsch and as good as the Vsonic with the bass not any less just more contorled and though they don't sound as good as the Focal headphones they are as enjoyable to listen to. If you like listening to vinyl, tube amps or anything built by Rega you will love these earphones. i use them with the Ibasso dx90 or at home with Rega mira, Ear, Planet, and michell gyrodec and they sing, even at twice the price they are a bargain, there may be more accurate earphones on the market (for more money) but not many as exciting

  4. Detailed, Great Value

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Jun 2015

    One of the best IEMs at its price point if one's sound preference is for a slightly warm, uncolored and detailed presentation. Has a tight bass response, maybe a bit lacking for some; it isn't the most detailed bass response around, but is very good indeed.

    The mid range is where I feel these are at their best; very unobtrusive, clear slightly warm tinge to the mids, just right in my opinion. The highs are good too, and I feel a good source is required to bring out the best out of these earphones. I currently use them with FiiO X3, sometimes paired with E12A amp; sounds very good indeed. Tried with a friend's iPhone 5 headphone out, it was clear and detailed as well. Overall a great value earphone.


    Posted by Dil MENDIS on 5th Jun 2015

    Pretty good soundwise but bad workmanship. First they had channel imbalance and then they literally stopped working...

  6. Clear and detailed

    Posted by arrk on 11th Jan 2015

    I have read a lot of reviews online praising these IEMs so I decided to try them out for my portable set-up and ended up liking them so much that I bought two just incase one of them broke. The havi's just sound great listening to music and watching movies, the bass is present though not overpowering( some might say they are lacking but I find the bass just right). They are currently the iem's I tend to grab when I listen to something. Definitely worth the money.

  7. My Havi's had a channel imbalance problem, right-side louder. Sold it Off a week later.

    Posted by Donovan Renkai on 5th Dec 2014

    The havi's are famed for their larger sound-stage.
    This may be due to it's tube-like distortion when the 2 drivers fire, it is warm and smooth, however due to the channel imbalance I was not able to enjoy it fully and give my full opinion

    The Equalization is more mid-treble, the bass is lacking but sufficient if you are looking for a flat response. However in the sub bass category, it is almost little to none. More referenced sound than Hifi.

    Fit and finish is very high grade with better construction and better assembly of materials, connecting joints and seams are nearly invisible and the gorilla glass is a beauty.
    Cables are sturdy and the L-shaped jack is of high grade strain relieve.

    They fall short of my expectation but are truly amazing for the price paid, however as i said before, my havis right side was louder than the left. Therefore unable to enjoy it fully and give a more accurate description.

    Thanks for reading and hope it helps.

  8. Great Open Sounding IEM

    Posted by Jan Michael Chu on 4th Dec 2014

    The Havi B3 Pro 1 has been well compared to different IEMs under the same price or even higher. It also gave the GR07 Classic a good challenge. Aside from the fact that this is an in ear, it sounded so open and wide. There's plenty of details and instrument separation which brings clarity to the sound. Based on the reviews that I have read from the forums, it truly deserves an attention to all those audiophiles out there who want to try an open sounding iem. The only issue that I encountered with it was the cable, it is quite stiff on the first few uses and jumps out from the ear a couple of time, but the cinch is there to hold it.

  9. Competent and good price/performance ratio

    Posted by Victor on 25th Oct 2014

    Very solid earphone.

    Sonic balance is good with no obvious balancing weak points along the spectrum. The main focus of the sound lies roughly in the 3K upper-mid area to my ears, with a very well extended and comfortably present treble above it, and a quite lean, neutral-sounding lower end.
    The sound overall can sound somewhat compressed dynamically, and not super-articulate, the lower half of the spectrum especially. The mid and bass areas are in no way bloated and sound quite dry, however the drivers don't seem to be able to "express" as much as a larger dynamic driver would. This results in a slightly restrained dynamic range to my ears, still with a good level of detail.
    However one of the two micro-drivers do a great job of giving the treble a very smooth frequency response curve all the way to 20K, and a detailed, vibrant edge where clicks and cracks easily come through. The mids and lows are mostly unassuming and just "there", the treble tends to be where most things grab your attention and focus, drum clicks and ticks, guitar string pick noises, etc.

    Very big soundstage, which is one of their most noticeable features.

    Fit for me is good, they have a fairly big housing though so being able to try various size tips might be a plus, to make sure they are comfortably secure. Over-ear use seems to be the only way to use them, cables can be a bit springy initially and can pop off the ear unless you use the cable cinch to secure the cable under your neck. Once they get more the shape of your ears after some use that will probably less of an issue. Worst case getting some cheap earguides to run the cable through and hold it in place will solve that.

    Overall very competent for the price, great if you are looking for a neutral sounding headphone, with a restrained unobtrusive bass, finely resolved, smooth and quite richly textured and detailed treble, and a big, wide natural sounding presentation of room reverb and spatial queues.

  10. Best budget value for high end sound

    Posted by Eric on 8th Oct 2014

    I have posted my review here in Headfi and the link is below...enjoy