TFZ Balance 7 Planar IEM

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  • TFZ Balance 7 Planar IEM
  • TFZ Balance 7 Planar IEM
  • TFZ Balance 7 Planar IEM
  • TFZ Balance 7 Planar IEM



The diaphragm of the planar driver is different from the traditional dynamic driver in that there is no overlapping voice coil. Instead, the ring circuit is composed of very thin and tiny aluminum foil laid on the ultra-thin diaphragm so that it reduces the distortion caused by segmentation vibration. This results in a smooth and supple frequency response.

The driver material thickness is extremely thin (about 11-16 microns for circuit + base film) resulting in a sound response that is 2-3 times than traditional earphone. The high frequency performance is extraordinary, extending to 50kHz easily, elegant, gorgeous and gentle.

The overall acoustic quality presents a sound accuracy that is rarely seen in conventional dynamic and balanced armature in-ear earphones, which is the main innovation and breakthrough in acoustic design by the TFZ brand. The sound quality is excellent and dynamic, making people feel as if they were in the moment.


Unit: 26.8MM Planar driver
Magnetic material: Neodymium
Rated impedance: 18Ω±15%
Rated power: 134mw (maximum output sound pressure 120dB)
Maximum power: 1W(200mS)
Sensitivity: 103dB/1mW
Frequency response range: 8-45KHz
Effective vibration area of diaphragm: 4.52 cm2
Distortion: < 1%(1KHZ)


7 pairs of eartips

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