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Hi everyone!Welcome to our new website! This is part of a whole series of changes that are occurring for this business as we sought to respond to our customer's feedback on our operations.If you had an existing account with us, your account had been ported over to the new website. You will need to reset your password using the "forget your password function" before you can access it. However, please note that you will not be able to access your previous orders due to the incompatibility of the eCommerce platform that we are using.We would also like to acknowledge some of the existing complains that everyone had feedback to us and our solutions for these problems.Website designQuite a few of our customers had feedback that website is not that user friendly and sometimes we do acknowledge that there are some bugs in it. These problems is due to the nature of our eCommerce platform. Thus, we have transited to this new platform which would eliminated these problems.Slow delivery daysWe do understand that delivery to some regions can be time consuming. Many of you wandered why we did not provide a faster delivery for a small fee. Unfortunately, in Singapore ( which is where we are based), postal deliveries tend to lie on the extreme with fees either being cheap or very expensive. However, we are currently liaising with some logistics providers to provide a faster delivery service at a cheaper price. Hopefully, with these measures, we will be able to improve the delivery timings.As for USA customers, you will soon begin to enjoy faster delivery timing as we are beginning to list our products on Amazon. Currently, only the GR07 Bass is on sale at Amazon but there will be more products coming in soon! Products on sale at Amazon will be fufiled via Amazon. If you have an Amazon prime account, you can take advantage of your prime account for faster shipping.For European customers, you can soon purchase our products on Amazon soon. This will improve the delivery timings of the product as the items will shipped from USA instead of Singapore.As for the rest of our customers, we are looking to provide free EMS shipping for certain items and for other items, you can top up for EMS shipping for SGD7 (approx USD5.60)Customer Service issuesWe do acknowledge that sometimes our response timing for emails are still not fast enough for our customer's liking. However, we are already working on getting help so as to improve our response time.Please do let us know if you have other feedbacks and we will work on it accordingly so as to provide a more pleasant experience for all our customers. Thank you for your support so far! We will work harder to make Lend Me UR ears a better place for everyone to purchase products.Regards,Lend Me UR ears