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BLON BL-A8 Prometheus

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Prometheus introduces a striking housing design reminiscent of both a bicycle helmet and an alien plant. The open structure serves purely as a decorative element, adding a unique aesthetic touch. Within this distinctive design lies a 10mm lightweight diaphragm, enclosed for sound isolation and leakage prevention.

10mm Lightweight Diaphragm: Equipped with a 10mm Dynamic Driver unit, the BLON BL-A8 Prometheus delivers exceptional sound output. The lightweight diaphragm ensures deep bass, flexible highs, and faithful sound reproduction. Combined with meticulous tuning, users can enjoy a stereo sound experience that transports them to the scene.

Irregular Openwork Shell: The BLON Prometheus stands out in the market with its unique appearance. The product features a shiny metallic shell adorned with open holes, creating the impression of a completely open cavity. Comprising 14 irregular non-overlapping sides, this 3D-printed shell represents a fusion of modern art and aestheticism.

Ergonomic Comfortable Wearing: Despite its innovative shell design, comfort is not compromised. The housing design takes into account the ergonomic shape of the human ear, ensuring a comfortable fit for extended listening sessions.

Detachable 2-Pin Cable: The included cable is detachable, allowing for future upgradeability. Additionally, a microphone-equipped cable is available for this model, providing users with the flexibility to choose according to their needs.

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