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  1. Hybrid Technology: The KZ Krila earphones utilize hybrid technology, combining both dynamic drivers and balanced armature drivers to achieve exceptional sound quality across the frequency spectrum.

  2. 4-Level Self-Adjusting Switch: With a 4-level self-adjusting switch, users can customize the sound signature according to their preferences, ensuring a personalized listening experience.

  3. 10mm Second-Generation XUN Dynamic Driver: Equipped with a 10mm second-generation XUN dynamic driver, these earphones deliver enhanced low-frequency performance, providing deep and powerful bass response for immersive sound quality.

  4. 3D Printed Cavity: The earphone's cavity is constructed using 3D printing technology, allowing for precise shaping and optimal acoustics, resulting in clear and detailed sound reproduction.

  5. Flat Silver-Plated Cables: Featuring flat silver-plated cables, the KZ Krila earphones offer reliable signal transmission and durability while minimizing tangling for convenience during use.

  6. Noise-Isolating Memory Foam Ear Tips: The included memory foam ear tips provide effective noise isolation, allowing users to enjoy their music without disturbances from external noise sources.

  7. New 30095 Balanced Armature Driver Redesigned for Hi-Fi Standards: The redesigned 30095 balanced armature driver meets Hi-Fi standards, with optimized structure and enhanced sensitivity in the high-frequency range, ensuring high-resolution audio reproduction.

  8. Upgraded Second-Gen XUN-10mm Dynamic Coil Enhances Low Frequency: The second-generation XUN-10mm dynamic coil is designed to optimize low-frequency performance, delivering rich and impactful bass tones with improved clarity and precision.

  9. Superior Performance Over Single Dynamic Driver Earphones: The KZ Krila earphones surpass single dynamic driver earphones in terms of performance and sound quality, thanks to their hybrid acoustic system, delivering exceptional audio fidelity and clarity across all frequency ranges.

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