KZ x HBB PR2 In-Ear Metal Earphones Planar Magnetic Driver IEM HIFI Headphones Monitor

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Excellent Sound Quality: Experience unparalleled sound quality with the KZ PR2, featuring a newly developed 13.2mm real planar unit. By eliminating the traditional voice coil structure and using ultra-low resistance nano-silver electroplating lines, the PR2 achieves faster response speed and outstanding high-frequency performance.

Enhanced Magnetic Circuit: The PR2 boasts a double-sided array magnetic circuit system with 14 N52 rubidium magnets, providing a wider frequency response and enhanced resolution. This elevates the magnetic circuit performance to an ideal level, resulting in dynamic transient response and immersive sound quality.

High-Precision Diaphragm: Featuring a high-precision nanoscale silver-plated diaphragm, the PR2 ensures faster vibration response and natural balance across all frequencies. The meticulous silver-plating process yields enhanced transient resolution compared to other options, delivering superior sound quality.

Meticulously Tuned Acoustic Curve: The KZ PR2's dedicated acoustic team has fine-tuned each frequency band to achieve a smooth and natural sound signature. With excellent frequency response and adaptability to various music styles, the PR2 offers a captivating listening experience.

Exquisite Design and Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-density alloy material, the PR2's alloy one-piece die-cast front shell exudes sophistication. The semi-open exhaust design reduces chamber pressure, minimizing unwanted reflections and producing a natural, immersive sound.

Improved 2 Pin Gold-Plated Plug: The replaceable cable design of the KZ PR2 allows for customization of the listening experience. Easily switch between different wire styles to suit preferences, providing versatility in enjoying music.

High-Purity Silver-Plated Cable: The high-purity silver-plated cable enhances audio signal transmission efficiency for high-fidelity sound reproduction. With an oxygen-free copper core and silver plating on the surface, the PR2 ensures faithful reproduction of every nuance of music for a truly immersive listening experience.

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