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Unrivaled Audio Experience:
The KZ ZS10 PRO X sets a new standard in audio quality, featuring enhanced high-frequency performance and custom drivers. With an upgraded 10mm dynamic driver and four custom balanced armatures, it delivers crystal-clear highs, smooth mids, and powerful lows for an immersive music and voice call experience.

Elegant Design:
Retaining the timeless look of the original ZS10 PRO, the ZS10 PRO X combines an alloy faceplate with a resin cavity. This innovative blend of materials adds visual appeal and durability, ensuring a longer lifespan that can withstand everyday wear-and-tear.

Enhanced Connectivity:
Incorporating an improved recessed 0.75mm 2Pin connector, the ZS10 PRO X offers superior durability and stability. Reinforced with 500D nylon, each wire minimizes the stethoscope effect and extends its lifespan. The detachable feature allows for greater versatility, enabling you to explore different sound qualities with your own cable.

Unmatched Comfort and Compatibility:
Designed for comfort and superior sound quality, the KZ ZS10 PRO X features an ergonomic shape for long-lasting comfort during extended use. Compatible with various devices, it guarantees an unparalleled audio experience across all genres and styles, whether you're a keen listener, audiophile, or gamer.

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