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Unmatched Audio Performance: Power and Precision
Experience the pinnacle of audio quality with the TFZ NO.3 Pro, featuring a robust core boasting an incredible magnetic induction strength of up to 10000GS. This powerful capacity ensures a delightful listening journey, delivering music with exceptional detail and clarity. The double neodymium rare earth strong magnetic group provides a formidable driving force, resulting in immersive and detailed audio output.

Unleashing the Beauty of Sound: Multilayer Carbon Nano Graphene Diaphragm
Indulge in a refined sonic experience with the TFZ NO.3 Pro's multilayer carbon nano graphene diaphragm. This advanced technology produces a soft and delicate sound profile with clear layers, allowing you to savor every subtle nuance of your music. With low distortion and high-performance characteristics, the diaphragm ensures exceptional recovery under weak frontend thrust, rendering bright and soft medium to high frequencies, as well as deep and textured low frequencies.

Seamless Audio Transition: Low-Frequency Transient Acoustic Guide Hole
Immerse yourself in captivating audio with the TFZ NO.3 Pro's low-frequency transient acoustic guide hole design. This innovative feature facilitates a smooth connection between medium and low frequencies, creating a seamless transition and an atmospheric ambiance to your music.

Versatile and Stylish: The Ultimate Listening Companion
The TFZ NO.3 Pro is your ultimate companion for various music genres, from rock to pop and light music. With a peak value of up to 40kHz ultra-high frequency independent frequency division, it excels in stage performances, recording sessions, and personal music enjoyment. Experience the true essence of each track with unparalleled clarity and precision.

Unparalleled Build and Design: Aesthetics Meet Functionality
Combining functionality with style, the TFZ NO.3 Pro features a larger sound cavity space and solid construction, setting new standards in moving coil unit technology. Choose between the TYPE-C decoding line version or the 3.5mm pure HIFI version, each offering stellar performance. The 0.78 silver plating ensures lossless transmission and HD online listening, ensuring a seamless audio experience.

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