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**The Second Generation Planar Driver**
The P2 adopts a new generation of Planar driver that builds on the foundations of the successful P1. The new P2 features the revolutionary 12-millimeter planar-diaphragm driver with high-resolution, lifelike sound and it will impress the market and the most demanding audiophiles by offering planar in-ear headphones rich in bass response at an affordable price.

**High Precision Restoration of Sound**
The voice coil of P2 is precisely placed to make sure the pressure on diaphragm is even. This results in a high level of sound reproduction. Moreover, P2 works well with complex music. The thin diaphragm maintains the details and high definition.

**Audiophile 6N OCC 2.5mm Balanced Cable**
The P2 follows its predecessor by offering a state-of-the-art, audiophile-grade quality cable that aims for the best quality in audio reproduction. It can greatly enhance the vocals and the instruments in music. The cable is based on the widely used 2 pin connector with a recessed design to protect the pins. It has been improved over the P1.

**The Special Tuning**
Stainless material is purposely selected for the shell and with the designed inside structure, the sound is less distorted because of the pressure change. P2 possesses a ultra-thin but flexible diaphragm, resulting in extended bass and highs. At the same time, it has a wide soundstage and sound pressure level (SPL) that are comparable to over-ear headphones.

**Stainless Steel Housing**
The housing is made of stainless steel and is meticulously designed to reduce pressure. In combination with P2's ultra-thin but flexible diaphragm, it has a wide soundstage and a Sound Pressure Level (SPL) that is comparable to over-the-ear headphones. The angled nozzle offers a long comfortable wearing experience for a long time.

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