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TRN T3 Pro Modular Cable (MMCX)

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Modular Design

The TRN T3 Pro introduces a revolutionary modular design, allowing users to effortlessly swap out the 3.5mm jack for alternative connectors. This versatility enables the cable to be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of devices, from mobile phones to dedicated audio players. For added convenience, the T3 Pro offers additional connectors that can be purchased separately, including 2.5mm, 4.4mm, type-c, and lightning options.

Pure Sonic Indulgence

Experience pure sonic indulgence with the TRN T3 Pro, which significantly enhances the overall resolution of your earphones. With improved detail extraction and instrument separation, this premium cable preserves the original sound signatures while elevating your listening experience to new heights. Treble extension is notably enhanced without any harshness, while bass frequencies are tightened for a more controlled and immersive sound.

Pure Fine Silver Premium Cable at More Competitive Prices

TRN utilizes high-purity 99.99% (4N) fine silver in the construction of its premium cable. Renowned for its superior electrical conductivity compared to other silver forms, 4N fine silver cable delivers delicate and enticing sound characteristics that conventional silver-plated copper cables simply cannot match. To ensure longevity and reliability, the cable is reinforced with high-strength Kevlar fiber, which also helps dampen microphonics noise for a pristine listening experience. Enjoy the luxury of fine silver audio performance at a more competitive price point with the TRN T3 Pro.

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